We offer Single user executable-only licenses

  • US$2500. Single user conducting research at or for a for-profit organization
    • includes 2 years of free upgrades and support
  • US$  100. Single user conducting research at and for a non-profit organization
    • includes 3 months of free upgrades and support
    • the 3 month term was decided because we will be making TOPAS free of charge for this category of users by the end of September 2018, due to a generous grant from the US National Cancer Institute

While most users will find that they can do everything they need with TOPAS without writing any C++, our standard licenses include the ability to extend TOPAS by writing and plugging in your own additional geometry components, scorers, filters and physics lists. We will also provide an exchange where users can share their TOPAS extensions with others.

Supported Operating Systems:
  • OS X 10.11 or newer
  • Debian8
  • Debian6
  • RHEL6

For answers to some common questions, see our FAQ

To read our exact license terms and apply to become a TOPAS user, go to Registration