How to Report an Installation or Configuration Problem

If, after carefully reading the installation instructions, you are still unable to get TOPAS to run, we are here to help you on the TOPAS User Forum. However we can only help you if you provide the full set of information that we need to diagnose the problem. Please carefully follow these steps in composing your help request.

  1. Tell us your Operating System, including version number.
  2. Tell us what TOPAS version you are installing (what is the full name of the tar.gz file you took).
  3. Show us the Parameter Control File that gave the issue (but taking care not to share it if it contains work that is in any way confidential or proprietary).
  4. Create a fresh terminal session. You will eventually send us the complete contents of this terminal session from the moment you opened the terminal session to the moment the problem was demonstrated. We need this complete contents.
  5. Set your environment variables as specified in the installation guide.
  6. Type the command: printenv
    This will show dump your full set of environment variables to the terminal.
  7. If your issue involves trouble building extensions, we also need to know your compiler version and cmake version. Dump this to the terminal by typing:
    gcc -v
    cmake -version
    Also remember that if you are not attempting to use extensions, you do NOT need to follow that step of the installation guide at all (the step called: To add User Extensions).
  8. Proceed with the rest of your work to show us the error.
  9. Cut and Paste the complete contents of the terminal session into your message to us in the User Forum (you can do this either by directly pasting it there or by pasting it into a text document that you then to your message).